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The Perfect Moment

Every adoption moment is extraordinary. The moments when a family meets its newest furry member are, without fail, filled with joy, smiles, laughter, and basically everything that makes life worth living.

But every now and again, you have an adoption moment that just takes the cake.

We were lucky enough to be a part of one such moment during our adoption visits yesterday. And it was an encounter I won't soon forget.

Let's start by setting the stage. The pup was Silver Girl, a beautiful F1 goldendoodle who was the last of our latest litter to find her forever home. It was serendipity at its finest, as the family who adopted her had been looking around for a while and hadn't been able to find any goldendoodle puppies in the area. Then they found our site, and arranged to adopt Silver as an early birthday present for their ten-year-old son. He'd wanted a dog of his own for a long time, and he had no idea what his parents were planning.

Cut to Sunday morning, go-home day! Silver was the first pup we were bringing to her new home that day, and when we pulled into the drive, the family's dad opened the garage door. It was clear right away that he had a plan.

With an excited grin, he asked "Can you knock on the door and ask for my son? My wife will make sure that he answers the door. When he says that he's who you're looking for, hand him Silver and tell him that she's his."

Dad had his phone camera at the ready, and I was feeling a lot more like Santa than I generally get to in June. :)

I knocked on the door, and sure enough, the young guy answered the door. When I told him Silver was for him, he responded with the most precious and astonished, "What!?" Tears immediately sprang to his eyes, and I mean the big ones that were quickly falling onto his cheeks. And they were accompanied with the widest grin you can imagine.

His mom sent us a video of the moment along with a couple of pictures and gave us permission to share them with you. They were accompanied with the caption, "He is in love with her!"

We see a lot of garbage in the world today. There's fear and anger around seemingly every corner. It can be easy to lose sight of the fact that there is still joy and light, too. I don't know who felt luckier that morning. Was it the boy whose wish had just come true? Or was it me, getting to be reminded of a truth that can be so easily forgotten?

"There's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo..."

Thanks, bud. Truly. You made my day.

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